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I agree with service! Price — $99.

Order of service:

  1. Request you leave with a your photo ;
  2. Designer Tony Kokhan contact you for your order;
  3. During the 3 days you get treated (protected) the final image;
  4. Services you pay for $99 + $4 Paypal Commission;
  5. After payment you get ready the original image.
  • Attention! You risk nothing. Payment only after the finished (protected) images. If you do not like something, you can always redo or finish.

Contacts: art.eltony@gmail.com

Photo requirements:

  1. The minimum size of the photo — 1600×1200 pixels;
  2. The photo must be clear, without any noise or damage;
  3. This photo must be beautiful and correct angle;
  4. If you can, send us your photos a few options;
  5. The photo must be original;
  6. Photo should not affect the interests of third parties.



Fantasy-MakeUp-Side-Head-Girl-Butterfly-Flowers-Bubble-Style-2015-Yellow-Neon-Colors-4K-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-www.i-v.tv-image Fantasy-MakeUp-Side-Head-Girl-Butterfly-Flowers-Bubble-Style-2015-Violet-Neon-Colors-4K-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-www.i-v.tv-image Fantasy-MakeUp-Side-Head-Girl-Butterfly-Flowers-Bubble-Style-2015-Pink-Neon-Colors-4K-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-www.i-v.tv-image Fantasy-MakeUp-Side-Head-Girl-Butterfly-Flowers-Bubble-Style-2015-Orange-Neon-Colors-4K-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-www.i-v.tv-image Fantasy-MakeUp-Side-Head-Girl-Butterfly-Flowers-Bubble-Style-2015-Green-Neon-Colors-4K-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-www.i-v.tv-image Fantasy-MakeUp-Side-Head-Girl-Butterfly-Flowers-Bubble-Style-2015-Blue-Neon-Colors-4K-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-www.i-v.tv-image Fantasy-MakeUp-Side-Head-Girl-Butterfly-Flowers-Bubble-Style-2015-Black-White-Colors-4K-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-www.i-v.tv-image Fantasy-MakeUp-Side-Head-Girl-Butterfly-Flowers-Bubble-Style-2015-Azure-Neon-Colors-4K-Wallpapers-design-by-Tony-Kokhan-www.i-v.tv-image

As a result, for $99 you get the original image and 8 images in complementary colors.

File format .jpeg, size 3840×2160 pixels, 300 dpi.

Why I sent a photo, but it did not?

  1. Photo resolution than 1600×1200 pixels;
  2. Picture quality is very poor;
  3. You specified is not a valid mailbox;
  4. You have sent an ordinary photograph from the Internet;

How long is processed photo?

  1. Before processing the photos you definitely will answer e-mail for your order;
  2. If the order is agreed, the picture is processed within 3 days;

How much is 1 processing photos?

  1. Processing 1 car 1 style $99 + commission Paypal = total of $104;
  2. $104 includes one original image + 5 images with different neon colors.

Is it possible to pay for your order except Paypal?

Unfortunately payment only through Paypal.