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  1. All images on this site i-v.TV, are part of the author’s intellectual property designer Tony Kokhan;
  2. All images on this site are i-v.TV part of the author’s intellectual property of the photographers who submitted their photos for art processing;
  3. Use of images for commercial purposes is prohibited. The images are intended as desktop wallpaper, as well as for inspiration, creative development, etc.;
  4. If there are no photos copyright the photographer and website address, it does not mean that the picture is wholly owned by designer Tony Kokhan. This means that at the moment the author of photos has not yet addressed the service i-v.TV;
  5. If you find a photographic online i-v.TV, you need to contact us. This means that the designer Tony Kokhan found your most creative photo for processing. You will be added to the PR Cloud, and photos will be delivered to your name and address of the site;
  6. If you find your picture and do not want to use it for the site iv.TV, then the picture will certainly removed. For more you can make a claim in the «Claim»;
  • e-mail: art.eltony@gmail.com







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