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Requirements for photos:

  1. The minimum size photos 3840×2160 pixels, 300 dpi;
  2. The photo should be clear, without noise, blur and abrasions;
  3. We recommend sending the original versions of images;
  4. If the photo depicts a man, it is desirable to specify the name and surname, as well as contacts: e-mail, social networks, etc.

Free service for photographers:

  1. Are you a photographer and has a high quality and beautiful pictures? Want to see your photos into art processing from designer Tony Kokhan? Completely free of charge! Write to us!
  2. Accepted for consideration any photos of any genre, style and object;
  3. Photo must fit the parameters, see the «PHOTO» tab;
  4. The best photos will be processed in a style that will pick up designer Tony Kokhan. On processed photos will be put your initials and your website address;
  5. You, as a photographer, will be added to the PR Cloud;
  6. If the photo depicts a man, you need to make sure that he is not against the service. Also, you must specify its name. It will be added to ML Cloud;
  7. Your photo in art processing will be published on the site www.i-v.tv with corresponding tags;
  8. Copyright on the photo belongs to you, the copyright on the design belongs to the designer Tony Kokhan. The copyright transfer processed photos to third parties is possible only with the consent of both parties. Using art photography for commercial purposes is prohibited;
  9. You can send an unlimited number of photos. If the total size of the photos more than 25 MB, then you need to put them to any resource in the archive .Rar, hosted files, providing us with a link for downloading;
  10. You can also specify a website page in social networks or other resource, where all your photographic work. Designer Tony Kokhan will choose the most appropriate treatment for art photo;
  11. To send your photos you can use a special form «I PHOTOGRAPHER» located above;
  12. For a closer look at your suggestions, please write to e-mail: art.eltony@gmail.com
  13. Additional conditions read tab «?»

Additional conditions:

  1. Send photos to free treatment does not mean 100% implementation services;
  2. Choose only those photos that designer Tony Kokhan sees fit for the art style;
  3. If your photos do not come, we do not have to give a reason for rejection of photos. But in any case you will answer;
  4. If your photo was rejected, but you still want to get her art version, use the paid services, or write to e-mail: art.eltony@gmail.com